Nexxus Channel originates from multiple decades technological innovation carried on by Giuseppe Ponzielli in the field of polymer processing.
Assisted by a strong patent package and a young, motivated team NC aims to introduce significant processing innovations as, for example, energy saving melting, non destructive elongational mixing in the fabrication of micro vs nano thermoplastic composites (powder vs fibers), one-step devolatilization of polymeric liquids, all beyond the state of art.
One of the most innovative technological developments is Nexxus processor (Patents Pending) for thermoplastics. The core technology relies on a unique annular (screwless) flow channel, statically encased in the inner barrel wall, thus reversing the conventional transport dynamics typically occurring in screw extruders. This novel technology has opened several and unexpected advantages in terms of process and product. The key advantage is the very narrow (near to zero) quality distribution induced by the mono-dimensional flow occurring along the annular path, a unique feature in the polymer processing scenario.
Nexxus processor comprises many modules, each designed for a basic processing function as melting, mixing, degassing . Each module is well instrumented and can work either independently in a stand-alone arrangement, as for example Nexxus Melting or in combination with other Nexxus modules or even in combination with conventional extruders.
Another technological development is WGS (Waterfree Guided Strand) Cooler-Pelletizer, designed to solve the transition from melt to solid state at strand pelletizing, along with a dry-like, water free concept. Since WGS operates water free it looks particularly advantageous for certain types of polymers as: a) sensitive to hydrolytic degradation (PA, PET etc.), b) very liquid and difficult to manipulate like PET, c) easy to distortion when cooled like long fiber reinforced strands etc. Moreover WGS is capable to self-heal in case of strand break-down.
WGS Cooler/Pelletizer can be coupled with a conventional strand cutter or incorporate the own cutter. WGS Cooler/Pelletizer is a compact machine and can work from few kg/h up to thousands kg/h.
Finally the delivery program includes special extrusion dies for fiber reinforced compounds.
Among the applications we mention:
  • NANOPREG: technology to fabricate special masterbatches with micro or nano particles, dispersed throughout the thermoplastic matrix, one by one.
  • FIBERPREG: technology to fabricate composites with GF (Glass Fibers),CF(Carbon Fibers), AF (Aramidic Fibers) or NF (Natural Fibers) reinforcement, one by one, at the desired length.
  • PLYSTOCK: technology to fabricate thick structural profiles at high line speed (many times faster than conventional profile extrusion). Due its peculiar nature Plystock is able to feed back new aesthetic and structural worth to recycled plastics.

All technologies developed by Nexxus Channel are covered by many International Patent Applications. All Nexxus technologies and applications can be tested in the equipped laboratory at Proplast, Rivalta Scrivia (AL) -

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Giuseppe Ponzielli

  • He is expert in rheology of viscous non-Newtonian polymeric liquids applied to thermoplastic processing
  • He developed several technologies including Rotary Channel Pumps for voluminous plastics, Self-Cleaning Screen Filters, Single and twin screw Continuous Mixers, Self-cleaning Devolatilizers for single or multiple screw extruders, In line fabrication of highly loaded polyolefinic breathable films for sanitary applications, etc.
  • He owns more than 10 international Patents
  • He taught post-doctoral courses over years 2004-2010 at Proplast (, on Mixing In Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders
  • He took part to numerous scientific projects and co-authored papers on extrusion with Chris Rauwendaal (Fully Developed Temperature in Extruders, ANTEC 2000

Pietro Cardone
Administrative Responsible

  • He is expert of accounting
  • He leads administration and management of funded research Projects @ 2014 Nexxus Channel All rights reserved / P.Iva 03001710122 / Design and develop: