Extrusion Dies for Long Fiber Compounds
The extrusion die is a fundamental tool to extrude thermoplastic profile or sheets.
  • In most sheet extrusion cases the die is designed according to the familiar coathanger geometry. Unfortunately the standard coathanger die is not suitable with fiber reinforced compounds. It happens as the rheology of such compounds is much different from the rheology of the neat melt and never follows any known flow map.
  • Nexxus Channel has developed a type of extrusion die effectively able to convey uniform fiber reinforced melts, respecting the original fiber distribution, as received from the extruder:
    • First we make rheological simulations using programs that take into account the integral nature of the polymer, i.e. non-newtonian, non isothermal and viscoelastic.
    • Then we use proprietary flow mapping criteria

A simulation example for PP is reported below: @ 2014 Nexxus Channel All rights reserved / P.Iva 03001710122 / Design and develop: